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- 4 hour minimum

-$100+ travel fee outside Brevard County

- $100+ holiday fee

DJ's With Photo Booth's

Photo Booth Companies

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    In Brevard alone there are almost ten photo booth companies not to mention DJ's with photo booth services. The best thing you can do to make sure you are getting the best service for yourself and at the best price is to compare services. This page will help you to do just that. Just because a service is cheaper or more expensive doesn't make it a better choice at all. Seeing the product advertised with photos of the actual booth plus the props and the picture quality taking from within the booth should help you to make an educated choice. Then also check out the reviews on their websites and Facebook pages. Below is a list of things to ask when comparing services. This is not to say any one of these companies are better than the other. This is to help make it easier for you to find exactly what you are looking for. Get the best service for your event so you don't have regrets after its over and its to late.

Things to ask:

Do they charge set up or travel fees?
We do not charge a fee as long as its within Brevard County. We also get there 2 hours early (at no cost to you) to make sure everything is prefect before your guest arrive.

How many people have they fit in the booth or is it open air?
Our max was 19 inside the booth. You will get many more pics with an enclosed booth because people are shy and will not take as many photos with the whole room watching. Average 4 hour event we take 100-140 photos.

How many props do they bring and do they charge for them?

We do not charge for different prop packages we bring it all. Our prop selection is close to $2000 in high quality props. Nothing in our selections is from a Dollar Store.

How many pictures per strip?
4 with a custom logo or image at the top and or bottom that is unique to your wedding or party. No two are the same. We will never reuse your image.

Do they charge for a scrapbook?

We include this and its a very nice quality embossed scrapbook with black pages and we have paint pens in different colors. Scrapbook can also act as a guest book for you and you will take it with you the night of your event.

Do they charge for a thumb drive or cd with all images on it?
We provide a thumb drive with all images (the strips plus the individual 4x6's that make up the strip) 100 photo strips equals 500 photos total on the thumb drive.

Is it a webcam or DSLR high def camera?
We use Canon Rebel T3 high def camera. This is one of the most important questions. I have seen some picture quality that is so bad I would never show anyone the strip ever. These are the companies that do not post the photos online because they know you wouldn't want their service.

Do they upload to Facebook for your friends to see and tag themselves?

Yes we will post everything the night of your event so all your friends can tag and continue to enjoy and share your celebration. This also makes it easy for out of town guest to get more copies. Of course if you don't want them posted we will not, simple as that.

Remember DJ's are not photo booth companies and they don't know everything about the photo booths. If the booth has an issue during your event you could lose your DJ too while he is trying to fix it.

Below is a list of all the companies in this area. You can click on the link and it will take you to their website or Facebook page to compare what you are getting for your money. If we are not available for your event we apologize. Hope this also helps you to find another company to service your event.